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At our day care in Albuquerque, we offer complete senior care options for the elderly and their families if life circumstances become too much to deal with independently. As committed senior care specialists, we provide the next care solutions as part of our commitment to enhance and encourage meaningful and independent living for the elderly:

Assitance of living

We assist the residents with activities of daily living and help them age in place in a warm home atmosphere. Our residences accommodate many people, and our ratio of caregivers far exceeds state requirements. By needing light help with the activities of everyday living to care. Although we're a senior care company, we offer senior care through each one the phases of elderhood.

Hospice Care

Hospice is a type of care that can help ease the problems faced by people and their families towards the end of life. Trained hospice professionals relax individuals and let them cultivate their internal strength of soul to confront what is to come. They also offer aid to families. In assisted living in Albuquerque and Respite Care, we have formed partnerships with several reputable hospice associations, and we'll help you arrange hospice care to support you through this transition.

Companion Care

Sometimes individuals to alleviate boredom, or just need some business -- if safety, for socialization. For an additional cost, at day care in Albuquerque, we provide companion care to the elderly to help prevent the loss of liberty, freedom, and friendship, which so often occurs when people reach a certain age.
At our Assisted Living and Respite Care, we're devoted to helping the elderly live and age. Through our comprehensive services, we endeavor to improve the lifestyles of the older and strengthen their spirits with friendship and help.

Rehabilitation Services

Combine therapy that is extensive with the friendly and open environment at Albuquerque Elder Care along with rehabilitation solutions. These services for day care in Albuquerque makes our Elder Care their first choice for physical, occupational, and speech therapy when folks need to recuperate from an injury or after surgery. Plus, we have weekday and Saturday therapy sessions to better accommodate your programs. Where your loved ones can observe you renew rehabilitation also has a computer program with Skype and treatment games. Contact us for information on our extensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

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Our caregivers in day care in Albuquerque nm need to meet rigorous requirements, experience intensive training and pass a criminal background check before they are permitted to provide care at our facilities. Whether you or your loved one requires residential maintenance or light assistance, our caregivers can help you embrace age, and this life transition with dignity.

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